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Style & Design | SIMPLY DIVINE Nov 16, 2000

Where the schwingers swing

Do you sometimes feel a night out in Roppongi is like a scene from the hip film "Swingers"? You spend the time it takes to quaff a drink and scan the crowd in one bar before you are off to yet another in search ...

Style & Design | SIMPLY DIVINE Nov 2, 2000

New line boosts Levi's street cred

Levi's and well-known New York graffiti artist Futura, whose rare, original artwork has been in demand since he was spraypainting trains and walls back in the '80s, have joined up to collaborate on a limited-edition, Japan-exclusive denim line. Jacket created by graffiti artist Futura Futura grabbed ...

Art Oct 7, 2000

Ten of the best from Australia

Australian Nicola Townsend's Nanpeidai apartment looks different from my last visit. The furniture is the same, but there is a subtle change in the atmosphere and light. Then I realize that it's the paintings. After a sell-out show of works from her native soil ...

Style & Design | SIMPLY DIVINE Sep 21, 2000

Cosmetic makers target tots

While wearing your school uniform is considered the ultimate in cool, it's little wonder that the next phase is a young face full of slap. Younger and younger girls in Japan are reaching for the rouge and in response cosmetic companies are deliberately targeting ...

Style & Design | SIMPLY DIVINE Aug 3, 2000

Dancing your way to fitness

Some medical experts claim a glass of wine is good for your heart, others believe chocolate is an excellent alternative to Prozac, but something they all tend to agree on is that adequate exercise is vital to a healthy life. However, if your idea ...

Style & Design | SIMPLY DIVINE Jul 6, 2000

Art and design meet status and money

Ignore the rainy season and dream that you are sweating by the sea rather than on the subway. Hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, magazines . . . You probably already protect your skin with Clarins, shield your eyes with Gucci sunglasses, flaunt your bits in a ...

Style & Design | SIMPLY DEVINE Jun 1, 2000

Armpits come out from undercover

Get your pits out for the boys. Japan's largest beauty company is hoping to launch a new trend focusing on an often ignored erogenous zone -- the armpit. Tokyo Beauty Center's 200 nationwide branches are set to launch Waki (armpit) Art. The company is ...

Style & Design Mar 30, 2000

The fun of slipsliding away

You persevered. You sweated, ignominiously landed on your backside and ignored the relentless pounding of fall after fall so that you could master the art of snow boarding. But now that you feel as cool on the slopes as you thought you looked when ...

Style & Design Mar 16, 2000

Want to know your fortune? Go fish

In the West you might scan your tea leaves for a peek at what the future may hold, but in Japan you are more likely to grab your chopsticks (OK, mouse) for the latest craze -- sushi fortunetelling. Net surfers (at the last count 2.5 ...

General | SIMPLY DIVINE Dec 30, 1999

Le Nozze de video

Toss away your Love Getty and forget the formal o-miai (arranged meeting) -- matchmaking has gone hi-tech. Video phones are the hottest new tools for singles looking for love. Lonely hearts are currently rushing to sign up for a mobile video telephone service that enables ...