Shinya Ajima

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| Jan 30, 2011

Downgrade can help Kan make case for fiscal reform

Japan's deteriorating public finances have prompted Standard & Poor's to cut its sovereign debt rating, but experts say the move has had little negative impact and could even help the government persuade the public to accept reforms that might result in a tax hike. The ...

| Dec 17, 2010

Fear propels corporate tax cut

The decision by the government to cut the corporate tax rate was a clear reflection of its fear that the country is losing its attractiveness as a destination for investment. Prime Minister Naoto Kan expressed his hope that the tax cut, which needs some final ...

Oct 12, 2010

Structural reform 'indispensable' for economic recovery: BOJ's Shirakawa

WASHINGTON — Bank of Japan Governor Masaaki Shirakawa on Sunday called for the Japanese government to promote structural reforms to ensure an economic recovery, without making pointed reference to it after the central bank played its part by significantly easing the country's monetary conditions. Shirakawa, ...

G7 silently assents to intervention

Oct 11, 2010

G7 silently assents to intervention

WASHINGTON — Japan may have been the biggest beneficiary this weekend when the Group of Seven leading economies responded ambiguously about its currency intervention last month, which drew fire from U.S. and European lawmakers. It is almost impossible for Japan to step into the currency ...

| Aug 7, 2010

Obama runs risk with Roos in Hiroshima

HIROSHIMA/WASHINGTON — As U.S. Ambassador to Japan John Roos on Friday became the first U.S. representative to attend the annual ceremony to commemorate the atomic bombing of Hiroshima, the move was fraught with both political gains and risks for U.S. President Barack Obama. Obama shares ...

Jun 3, 2010

Japan to brief finance chiefs on austerity measures at G20 meet

Financial chiefs from the Group of 20 advanced and major developing economies were to gather Friday and Saturday in South Korea to discuss measures to ease tensions in global financial markets caused by the debt crisis in the euro zone. Preventing a recurrence of the ...

| May 11, 2010

Dollar-swap pact needed to keep recovery on track

The Bank of Japan's decision Monday for a dollar-swap accord with the U.S. Federal Reserve was welcomed by analysts, who said pumping liquidity into the banking system and helping businesses raise necessary funds are crucial to keeping Japan's economic recovery on track. The BOJ decided ...

Feb 3, 2010

EU FTA quest to test political will

Japan goes into semiannual regulatory reform talks with the European Union this week, with some participants expecting to make headway on bilateral free trade. But others believe hurdles remain, saying the form of economic partnership the 27-member European economic bloc wants, based on wide-ranging standardization, ...

Finland to Japan: exploit strengths

Nov 18, 2009

Finland to Japan: exploit strengths

Finland, recently named the world's "most prosperous" country, no longer sees economic growth as a reason to feel happy as the global crisis has changed how people value their lives, Finland foreign minister said in a recent interview in Tokyo. Alexander Stubb, in Japan to ...