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Commentary / World Jun 2, 2009

The impossible idealist of Seoul

HONOLULU — The death of Roh Moo Hyun, the 16th president of the Republic of Korea (2003-2008), is a huge shock to South Korea's political world. A human rights lawyer with no college degree, Roh campaigned to revolutionize Korean politics and society by promoting ...

Commentary / World Jul 21, 2008

Keep pressuring Pyongyang

HONOLULU (Scott Snyder is a senior associate of the Pacific Forum CSIS. This article was originally published in PacNet Newsletter. The six-party talks reconvened earlier this month in Beijing for the first time since the release of a six-party joint statement issued by China on ...

Commentary / World Feb 14, 2008

Chinese views on North Korea

In recent years, issues pertaining to North Korea have been hotly debated by Chinese institute researchers. The publication of conflicting views in authoritative media suggests that these debates are sanctioned by the Chinese leadership. At critical junctures in the six-party negotiations, Chinese leaders may see ...

Commentary / World Mar 30, 2006

Reshaping U.S.-ROK alliance

HONOLULU -- The U.S.-South Korea alliance is at a turning point. South Korea has become a modern, vibrant democracy and a dynamic economy with global reach. Despite the nuclear crisis with North Korea, inter-Korean reconciliation has taken root and South Korea feels confident enough ...

Commentary / World Jul 14, 2005

Tokyo-Seoul rift threatens U.S. interest

WASHINGTON -- Despite efforts during last month's summit between South Korean President Roh Moo Hyun and President George W. Bush in Washington to speak with "one voice" about the health of the alliance and to improve policy coordination toward North Korea, the summit saw ...

Commentary / World Apr 25, 2005

Enough blame to go around

HONOLULU -- Deteriorating relations among Japan, South Korea and China underscore the failure of leadership in all three countries. Recent events have triggered a downward spiral in relations, but this shift hasn't occurred in a vacuum. All three governments share the primary burden to ...

Commentary / World Mar 31, 2005

No exception for Pyongyang

HONOLULU -- No issue more clearly illustrates the chasm in public perceptions that has developed between the United States and South Korea than the issue of human rights in North Korea. Last October President George W. Bush signed the North Korean Human Rights Act, which ...

Commentary / World May 22, 2001

Begrudgingly, Bush endorses dialogue

SEOUL -- U.S. Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage's meeting with South Korean President Kim Dae Jung last week clearly signaled that the United States will renew bilateral negotiations with North Korea, affirming similar assurances given by Assistant Secretary of State James Kelly at ...

Commentary / World May 21, 2001

Settling Asia's sea of disputes

Last month's spy-plane incident between the United States and China inadvertently highlighted South China Sea territorial disputes as a focal point of possible international confrontation. Although the incident is viewed primarily through the lens of U.S.-China relations, it demonstrates the international stake that nonclaimants ...

Commentary / World Nov 8, 2000

The outlook after 100 days

The June summit in Pyongyang kicked off a summer of symbolic and historic "firsts" on the Korean Peninsula, marked by the dramatic symbolism of inter-Korean reconciliation after more than five decades of stalemate. Sufficient time has now passed to evaluate what might be called ...