Sayuri Daimon

Sayuri Daimon is an executive operating officer and the managing editor of The Japan Times. Daimon is the first woman to fill this role in the newspaper’s 116-year history. Since joining the newspaper in 1991, she has covered various fields as a staff writer, ranging from politics to business. She became Domestic News Division Manager in 2006, Deputy Managing Editor in 2008, and Executive Operating Officer from July 2013. She was awarded the Nieman Fellowship at Harvard University in 2000.

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Handover of Okinawa to Japan was prickly issue

| May 14, 2002

Handover of Okinawa to Japan was prickly issue

Tsuyoshi Sakurai remembers when Japan allocated 1 billion yen to Okinawa in its first financial assistance package in fiscal 1962, when the islands of the Ryukyus were still under U.S. rule. "Until 1961, the U.S. never allowed us to provide money to Okinawa. They feared ...

Tourism industry courts Koizumi, Bush to boost international travel

Apr 23, 2002

Tourism industry courts Koizumi, Bush to boost international travel

The newly signed U.S.-Japan tourism promotion pact shows the United States is greatly aware of just how much Japanese tourists mean to its economy, according to U.S. tourism industry leaders who visited Japan last week to attend the agreement's signing ceremony. U.S. Commerce Secretary Don ...

Apr 17, 2002

Japan, United States to sign tourism pact

Japan and the United States will sign a tourism promotion pact Friday in an effort to promote travel and revitalize their sagging tourism industries, which are still reeling from the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. The pact will set a numerical target of 4 percent annual ...

Mar 28, 2002

MMC president-to-be leaves no stone unturned

When he arrived in Tokyo more than a year ago from the Railsystem Unit of the DaimlerChrysler Group, Rolf Eckrodt, vice president and chief operating officer of Mitsubishi Motors Corp., gave each MMC executive a piece of the Berlin Wall encased in clear plastic. The ...

Mar 26, 2002

MMC to break even this business year: COO

Mitsubishi Motors Corp. will break even in the current business year, which ends Sunday, chief operating officer of the automaker said Monday. "I'm quite satisfied with the progress we made after one year working hard," Rolf Eckrodt, MMC's executive vice president and COO, said in ...

Nov 25, 2001

Creator of the Z car returns with his revived brainchild

Yutaka Katayama has witnessed Japan's automobile industry grow from the ashes of devastation in World War II to become the best in the world by the end of the 20th century. The 92-year-old Katayama, who served as president of Nissan Motor Corp. U.S.A. between 1965 ...

Kimono makers target the young

Nov 1, 2001

Kimono makers target the young

Mariko Moriwaki, 39, a Web editor at publisher Shogakukan Inc., draws a lot of attention from visitors to her office. Among the gray suits of her colleagues, Moriwaki wears a kimono almost every day. "Wearing a kimono is very cool in summer and warm in winter. ...

Oct 14, 2001

Sommelier believes there's more to serving up a fine wine

Takashi Atsuta knows precisely what his customers need to round out a delicious meal. Good food and wine are essential, but the 63-year-old sommelier believes that good service -- with sincerity -- also makes a great difference. Being a sommelier is not just a ...