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Jul 28, 2000

The sonic dream life of global voyagers

With the recent release of their second CD, the Tokyo-based world-music trio Tatopani sums up two years of experimentation and growth. Following their 1998 release, "Forbidden Fruit," members Robert Belgrade, Andy Bevan and Christopher Hardy brought their eclectic brand of music to audiences around ...

May 25, 2000

Draw the bow, ride and speak the truth

You could argue that in this age, we look to movies to preserve our traditions. But it begs the chicken and egg question: Where does the filmmaker go to authenticate the details? When Akira Kurosawa, famous as a perfectionist down to the last historical detail, ...

/ Apr 4, 2000

If Japan is under your skin, get dirt under your nails

CREATING YOUR OWN JAPANESE GARDEN, by Takashi Sawano. Tokyo: Shufunomoto Co., Ltd., 1999, 120 pp., 3,800 yen (cloth). This is the kind of book you might give to a committed Japanophile like Larry Ellison, Oracle president and CEO. While professional landscape architect Takashi Sawano ...

Dec 17, 1999

Art group attempts to heal those ravaged by war

Staff writer In these days of "Pokemon" mania, who wouldn't want a personal note from Pikachu? Hector Sierra, 34, a fine arts doctoral student from Colombia, might not seem like the most likely recipient. But the filmmaker and NGO coordinator was as tickled as ...

Nov 27, 1999

Finding freedom through 'Affirmation'

The liberty and experimentation of the 1970s still hold a nostalgic place in the memory of jazz pianist and composer Tomoko Ohno. It is a period, she says, that "most people remember fondly." Finding herself two decades later living in an America that has turned ...

Aug 25, 1999

Drumming up interest in traditional music

Your buddy asks if you're up for a night of dancing and you're likely to think: crowded, sweaty hall, vibrating with a booming backbeat. But what about Japan's traditional summer Bon dancing? While most young people today may cringe at the thought, a generation or two ...

Aug 12, 1999

Japan Return students learn of war and peace

Staff writer For Josephine Allan, the defining moment came when her home-stay grandmother, a survivor of the Aug. 6, 1945, atomic bombing of Hiroshima, shied away as the family gathered around to shoot off fireworks. Allan, 19, joined six other current and freshly graduated high school ...

Jul 20, 1999

Lotus Sutra gets rhythm on Ono's 'Gyo'

As much as it is tempting to believe the adage "like father, like daughter," sometimes a person like Toshiro Ono comes along to turn the saying on its head. Following his daughter Lisa's popular success as a home-grown bossa nova diva, the 75-year-old restaurateur has ...

Jun 29, 1999

Beating powerful drums of tradition

Honoo Taiko, an all-female Japanese taiko drumming troupe from Ishikawa Prefecture, is ready to set the stage ablaze July 12 as they kick off their seven-city world tour in Tokyo. The three fires igniting Honoo (which means, literally, "flame") comprise 15-year veteran and founding member ...

Aug 26, 1998

Return program serves as bridge for youths

Staff writer What would you think of spending summer vacation in the halls of the Diet, or discussing with contemporaries the weight of an important historical legacy? For four teenage students living abroad, the Japan Return Program has meant a summer full of impression-making experiences: all ...