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Designer gives throwaways 'a second life'

Events Nov 27, 2001

Designer gives throwaways 'a second life'

KYOTO -- Dresses from sail-cloth, bikinis from Red Army parachutes, trousers from post bags, shirts from table cloths and accessories from car inner-tubes. Katell Gelebart, a 29-year-old French fashion designer, makes all her clothes and accessories from used materials. While the designs are new and ...

Books / Reviews Oct 14, 2001

David Mitchell experiments with success

Like his complex and cleverly constructed novels, a conversation with British writer David Mitchell is enjoyably cerebral and full of references to books, music and out-of-the-way places he has visited. Sitting in the famous sunken garden Shukkei-en in Hiroshima, the city he now calls ...

Stage Jun 13, 2001

The black art of the Bard

'For a charm of powerful trouble, like a hell-broth boil and bubble, boil and bubble, boil and bubble," the witches howl as they move in a frenzy across the stage, their green rags alternating as dervish skirts and forest cover. They throw runes as ...

Art Sep 10, 2000

Cambodian art regains its youth

"It's my everyday passion," says Phloeun Prim, the 24-year-old commercial manager of Les Artisans d'Angkor, a Siem Reap-based school which is training young people in skills such as silk weaving and stone carving. Phloeun is part of the movement to revive Cambodia's traditional arts. Thirty years ...

Travel Sep 7, 2000

Cambodia feeds a hunger to learn

PHNOM PENH, Cambodia -- "A young man applied for a scholarship to go and study in Australia," says Helen Cherry, director of the Australian Center for Education, Cambodia. "His English was very good, and I asked him where he had studied. He replied 'By ...