Forum mulls nuts, bolts of Kyoto aims

National Jul 4, 2002

Forum mulls nuts, bolts of Kyoto aims

Global warming poses a formidable challenge to the world. Yet if industrialized and developing states cooperate to combat climate change, this may be the impetus to forge sustainable development and an advantageous situation for all, according to participants at a recent forum in Tokyo. The 1997 ...

Business Jun 22, 2002

Reforms seen weak in short-term

Although a package of reforms finalized by a key government panel on Friday may point Japan's economic and fiscal systems in the right direction in the long term, pundits are skeptical whether it can deliver the boost of confidence necessary now. The second round of ...

'Sufficient' steel exemptions on way: U.S. business chief

Business Jun 20, 2002

'Sufficient' steel exemptions on way: U.S. business chief

The steel dispute between Japan and the United States will calm down shortly because Washington is expected to exempt more products from its import safeguard tariffs, including those from Japan, the head of the largest business lobby in the United States said Wednesday. "Over a ...

Business May 18, 2002

Showa Shell turns focus toward customers' needs

With most of its restructuring completed, Showa Shell Sekiyu K.K. is now focusing on stimulating customer demand by improving its products and services, according to John S. Mills, the new president of the country's fourth-largest oil wholesaler. In the past several years, the Tokyo-based firm ...

Naturalized entrepreneur jumps conservative obstacles

National May 5, 2002

Naturalized entrepreneur jumps conservative obstacles

It's bad enough for a would-be entrepreneur that Japan is suffering a protracted economic slump and the country is bound -- still -- by archaic business practices. But on top of this, Optorun Co. President Daiyu Son is foreign-born, often "strike three" for many trying ...

Business May 4, 2002

Pursuit of FTAs vital but troublesome

Last month, leading brewer Asahi Breweries Ltd. began shipping its Super Dry beer to Singapore from Japan, instead of from its facilities in China. The move is designed to improve cost competitiveness by taking advantage of the anticipated abolition of import tariffs on beer between ...

Business Apr 24, 2002

Colleges now cast as economic saviors

The government is turning its eye to the nation's universities in a bid to uncover a potential gold mine in venture business ideas and help lift the economy out of its prolonged slump. Under the ambitious goal of creating in three years 1,000 venture businesses ...

Business Mar 1, 2002

U.S. legal firm, citing globalism, hopes to tap into Japan

As companies increasingly engage in cross-border transactions and international operations, legal services are also going global, according to a U.S. law firm hoping to tap into the Japanese market. Applying the concept of "one-stop shopping" to legal services, Jones, Day, Reavis & Pogue aims to ...

Business Jan 22, 2002

Inventor hopes lawsuit over diode empowers peers

Shuji Nakamura is confident that his court battle can radically change the relationship between Japanese companies and their in-house inventors. "If I win, there would be a storm of litigation. A slew of in-house researchers would file lawsuits (against their companies)," said Nakamura, the inventor ...

Death of domestic coal leaves legacy for future

Business | PLAYED-OUT POLICY Jan 3, 2002

Death of domestic coal leaves legacy for future

Four decades of protection for the domestic coal mining industry are nearly at an end as the government moves to procure stable and more economical supplies from abroad. The government's ninth coal policy, which lasted from fiscal 1992 through fiscal 2001, ends on March 31. ...