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Yasuaki Shimizu's artful jingles

Feb 13, 2018

Yasuaki Shimizu's artful jingles

An effective commercial jingle wedges itself into your brain. There's the incessant repetition of Meow Mix, the harmony of McDonald's "I'm lovin' it" or the youthful chorus of "Biiiku, biku, biku, Bic Camera." Thirty years ago, though, Belgian record label Crammed Discs released an album ...

Hiroto Kudo 'Omoid'

/ Mar 18, 2014

Hiroto Kudo "Omoid"

The musical subgenre glitch reflects our modern relationship to digital sounds, something Hiroto Kudo has picked up on for his new EP, "Omoid." Glitch is often associated with early video-game music, implying a paradoxical nostalgia for a bygone age — the embryonic beginnings of our ...