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Roger Pulvers is an author, playwright, theater director and translator who divides his time between Tokyo and Sydney. He has published more than 40 books. His latest book in English is “The Dream of Lafcadio Hearn.”

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| Jan 26, 2013

How Kan-do attitude averted the meltdown of Japan

Covering the catastrophic series of events that began with the magnitude 9 earthquake and the tsunami it triggered on March 11, 2011, "Tōden Fukushima Genpatsu Jiko Sōri Toshite Kangaeta Koto" is one of the most revealing and insightful books published in Japan in ...

Oshima was in a realm of his own

Jan 19, 2013

Oshima was in a realm of his own

Film director Nagisa Oshima passed away Tuesday. He was 80. While at London's Heathrow Airport in February 1996, he suffered a stroke. Rehabilitation in the succeeding years brought him sufficiently back to health to make what would become his last film, "Gohatto," in 1999. He ...