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| Sep 16, 2009

How to write a speech for a wedding in Japan

If you are nonnative and have decided to marry a Japanese, congratulations are in order. But prepare for a world of worry if you plan to have the kekkonshiki (結婚式, wedding) in Japan. I went through this experience recently. Your partner — the hanayome (花嫁, ...

Big Beach Festival

/ Jun 5, 2009

Big Beach Festival

We've come a long way since every record Fatboy Slim touched would turn to platinum. Despite experiencing less chart success, though, the star — also known as Norman Cook — can still fill the biggest venues anywhere in the world. On June 6, he ...

Watch out, Beedle's about

/ May 1, 2009

Watch out, Beedle's about

One big difference between dance music and rock is the way enthusiasts select what to listen to: While rock fans tend to listen to full albums, dance-music types generally listen to a single song by an anonymous artist or compilations put together in a ...

Shock therapy from London Elektricity

/ Dec 19, 2008

Shock therapy from London Elektricity

Hospital Records head honcho Tony Colman, AKA London Elektricity, is the guest at the final Drum and Bass Sessions of 2008. Few people have influenced Drum and Bass as much as Colman in the last few years. He has signed to his label arguably ...

/ Oct 17, 2008

Gan-Ban electro at Makuhari

In the void left by the demise of one of Tokyo's big three dance venues — the club Yellow — promoters have scrambled to find a space big enough for top acts to play in. Makuhari Messe is likely a temporary solution. After last ...