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West versus Islamic State: the ransom dilemma

/ Dec 12, 2014

West versus Islamic State: the ransom dilemma

The refusal to pay ransoms to terrorists can seem callous, but in truth it is the only ethical policy. Governments that pay ransoms to save some of their citizens' lives put the remainder of their citizens — and others — at greater risk.

/ Oct 10, 2014

Should adult sibling incest be against the law?

The German Ethics Council's recommendation that consensual sexual intercourse between adult siblings should cease to be a crime leads a university ethics professor to wonder whether a rational debate on the subject is even possible.

/ Aug 5, 2014

Is Israel's offense morally defensible?

To say that Israel's actions are less clearly wrong than those of Hamas is not to say much. While pursuing its legitimate military objectives in Gaza, Israel should be showing more concern for Gaza's trapped civilians.

/ Jul 11, 2014

Is there a right to secede?

If a majority of the voters in a distinct region of a country favor independence, does that mean that they have a right to secede? Paradoxically the EU has made it more feasible for states like Scotland and Catalonia to consider independence.

/ Jun 6, 2014

Calculating the ethical cost of high-priced art

If artists, art critics and art buyers really had any interest in reducing the widening gap between the rich and the poor, they would spend time in developing countries, where spending a few thousand dollars on the works of indigenous artists can make a ...