| Oct 7, 2008

'Nurk', 'A Beginning, A Muddle, and An End'

"Nurk," Ursula Vernon, Harcourt; 2008; 131 pp. What makes "Nurk" such a readable little tale? There's nothing tingly and new about an adventure story in which the hero is a reluctant adventurer. A quiet homebody finds himself thrown into a situation where he must display ...

'The Roar,' 'Waves'

| Jul 1, 2008

"The Roar," "Waves"

"The Roar," Emma Clayton, Chickenhouse; 2008; 473 pp. 'The sun was setting over the Atlantic and as it ran like molten gold into the waves, a girl in a Pod Fighter ripped through the scene, like graffiti sprayed across a landscape painting, and for a ...

| Nov 6, 2007

"The Bomb," "Bunker 10"

"The Bomb" Theodore Taylor, Harcourt; 2007; 195pp. Theodore Taylor's "The Bomb" is a very readable history lesson, quite unlike anything you might have been taught at school about the United States' early experimentation with atomic warfare, way back in the mid-1940s. You might already know ...

'Tunnels,' 'The Boy in the Biscuit Tin'

| Jul 3, 2007

"Tunnels," "The Boy in the Biscuit Tin"

"Tunnels," By Roderick Gordon and Brian Williams, Chicken House; 2007; 463 pp. Books that lead to sequels are good news and bad news bundled into one. Good news because a sequel means that there's more where this came from, and bad news because the ...