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'Short and Scary!,' 'Notso Hotso'

| Nov 8, 2002

"Short and Scary!," "Notso Hotso"

"Short and Scary!" Louise Cooper, Oxford University Press; 2002; 96 pp. If you didn't get your share of thrills this Halloween, here's a collection of very short, scary stories to spook you. The tales aren't terrifying in a gut-wrenching, fangs-dripping-blood way. There's no gore ...

A message of tolerance set in stone

Nov 6, 2002

A message of tolerance set in stone

History is never short on irony. The Indian subcontinent, now one of the world's most unstable nuclear hotbeds, once cradled a religion founded on nonviolence. And what is today a breeding ground for sectarian fundamentalism was the birthplace of a rich artistic heritage that ...

'The Thief Lord,' 'The Witch Trade'

| Oct 25, 2002

"The Thief Lord," "The Witch Trade"

"The Thief Lord," Cornelia Funke, The Chicken House; 2002; 345 pp. "Who does this child belong to?" Perhaps this sounds familiar -- it's usually the first question that grownups ask when they find a kid who seems too little to be on his own. Hmm, ...

'Time Stops For No Mouse,' 'Hairy Bill'

| Oct 11, 2002

"Time Stops For No Mouse," "Hairy Bill"

"Time Stops For No Mouse," Michael Hoeye, Puffin Books; 2002; 262 pp. It's a mouse's world. Maybe not ours, but the world of Hermux Tantamoq definitely is. It's populated by villainous rats, busy beavers, pretentious otters and dapper moles. But mice -- watchmaker Hermux, ...

| Sep 13, 2002

"Artemis Fowl," "Egg Drop"

"Artemis Fowl," Eoin Colfer, Puffin Books; 2002; 282 pp. "Stay back, human. You don't know what you are dealing with." But the human who hears this warning does know what he's dealing with -- fairies. He wants their gold, and he's planned out exactly how ...

Modern Paintings of Mongolia: taking great steppes

Jul 31, 2002

Modern Paintings of Mongolia: taking great steppes

Dividing his massive empire between his sons, Genghis Khan's grand legacy to the eldest was all the land from the Aral Sea westward "as far as the hooves of Mongol horses have reached." Under Genghis Khan's leadership, the tribes of the Central Asian steppes almost ...

No molds barred

May 10, 2002

No molds barred

These fuzzy fellas aren't cute at all. In fact, they often grow to stink. If you're not careful, they'll attack your food faster than the class glutton. What are they? Mold spores. If you've never seen them close up, you could try leaving your sandwich ...

May 3, 2002

Never too young to start making a difference

You don't have to wait until you're grown up to be counted. In fact, if you're between 10 and 12 years old, you're the perfect age to take part in the International Children's Conference on the Environment. And to start thinking of how to ...

Apr 26, 2002

How Greek myths live on in English expressions

You'd think Greek myths might have lost their relevance by now, almost 3,000 years after they were first written down. But they are so full of vibrant stories and characters that people still often allude to them in their daily lives, and many references ...