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'Going for Stone,' 'Through the Night'

| Apr 3, 2003

"Going for Stone," "Through the Night"

"Going for Stone," Philip Gross, Oxford University Press; 2002; 224 pp. It seems there's only one thing more terrifying than anything you could dream up -- the world you actually live in. Nick is a teenager who hasn't seen much of that world while ...

'Holes,' 'Love That Dog'

| Feb 17, 2003

"Holes," "Love That Dog"

"Holes," Louis Sachar, Bloomsbury; 2000; 233 pp. It's hard to say why life is so downright unfair to some children. Take Stanley Yelnats: He gets bullied at school and is ignored by his teachers. And then one day, he gets hit on the head ...

'The Wish List,' 'Winnie's Magic Wand'

| Feb 3, 2003

"The Wish List," "Winnie's Magic Wand"

"The Wish List," Eoin Colfer, Puffin Books; 2002; 200 pp. If you couldn't get enough of Eoin Colfer's Artemis Fowl series, put this book on your wish list. Fowl fans will warm to yet another exciting tale that doesn't talk down to kids. As inventive ...

'The World of Peter Rabbit'

| Dec 23, 2002

"The World of Peter Rabbit"

A hundred years ago, a naughty little rabbit sneaked its way into a farmer's garden -- and into the imagination of generations of children across the world. For those who don't know him already: Meet Peter, the world's most famous rabbit. "My dear Noel, I ...

A taste of theater with a twist

Nov 22, 2002

A taste of theater with a twist

There's about to be a hanging at Tokyo's Hibiya High School -- and the auditorium is packed with students who've come to see it. The call to watch a hanging is the powerful opening scene of Charles Dickens' "Oliver Twist" -- as staged by The ...