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'Ruby Holler,' 'The Robodog Superhero'

| Sep 18, 2003

"Ruby Holler," "The Robodog Superhero"

"Ruby Holler," Sharon Creech, Bloomsbury; 2002, 310 pp. How do you reform a pair of 13-year-old twins who spend every spare moment breaking, spilling, throwing or dropping things -- and cursing loudly when they're caught? If you're Tiller and Sairy Morey, you start by accepting ...

On the book trail

| Sep 4, 2003

On the book trail

A Single Shard, by LINDA SUE PARK, Clarion Books; 2002; 160 pp. If recent children's books are any indication, we might be led to believe that boy-wizards who fight evil and that children lucky enough to embark on wild adventures exist only in Britain ...

'Toad Heaven,' 'Ada Lovelace'

| Aug 21, 2003

"Toad Heaven," "Ada Lovelace"

"Toad Heaven," Morris Gleitzman, Puffin Books; 2002; 192 pp. Humans are always complaining about how unfair life is. Limpy is a cane toad, but he thinks it's unfair, too. For starters, no one likes him (except his family). Female cane toads don't think he's ...

'Fox,' 'Stravaganza: City of Masks'

| Jul 24, 2003

"Fox," "Stravaganza: City of Masks"

"Fox," Matthew Sweeney, Bloomsbury; 2002; 176 pp. Every city has its ghosts. I don't mean spirits of the dead, I mean real people who might as well be invisible because no one takes notice of them. Gerard finds his ghosts in the Irish city ...

'Power and Stone,' 'Rome'

| May 29, 2003

"Power and Stone," "Rome"

"Power and Stone," Alice Leader, Puffin Books; May 2003; 249 pp. There's so much more to history than memorizing dates. Few understand this better than Alice Leader, a history teacher whose debut book for children, "Power and Stone," is a carefully researched and riveting story ...