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'Double or Die,' 'The Skunk Code'

| Mar 6, 2007

"Double or Die," "The Skunk Code"

"Double or Die," Charlie Higson, Puffin Books; 2007; 390 pp. Author Charlie Higson's "Young Bond" series is about the world's most famous spy, James Bond, as a schoolboy at Eton, before he grows up to be martini-sipping Agent 007, who is a master at ...

'Looking for X,' 'Beauty Shop for Rent'

| Feb 6, 2007

"Looking for X," "Beauty Shop for Rent"

"Looking for X," Deborah Ellis, OUP; 2006; 138 pp. 'Mom used to be a stripper." How's that for an opener that grabs you? In chapter one of Deborah Ellis' bewitching new novel, 11-year-old Khyber takes the opportunity to introduce her family. And as the ...

'Bad Kitty,' 'Junie B. Jones ... is on Her Way!'

| Dec 5, 2006

"Bad Kitty," "Junie B. Jones ... is on Her Way!"

"Bad Kitty," Michele Jaffe, Puffin Books; 2006; 294 pp. It's ha-ha-hard being a teenager, particularly if you're Jas Callihan, all of 17, half-Jamaican half-Irish, with a height to rival King Kong's and a nonexistent chest. In author Michele Jaffe's hands, nothing could be more hysterical ...

'Cyrano,' 'Small Steps'

| May 2, 2006

"Cyrano," "Small Steps"

"Cyrano," Geraldine McCaughrean, OUP; 2006; 167pp. So you've been struck by Cupid's arrow, and it hurts, right? Well, for company during your lovesick blues, you could do no better than read about the poet-hero of Edmond Rostand's 19th-century play "Cyrano de Bergerac," which is now ...