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Commentary Dec 27, 2013

Putin outflanking the West

In 2013, Russian President Vladimir Putin made U.S. President Barack Obama look like a conman's stooge — a lame duck president so weak that he can barely waddle to the pond.

Hate pornography, sure, but be wary of banning it

World / Crime & Legal Jul 5, 2013

Hate pornography, sure, but be wary of banning it

Prosecutions for the possession of the filthiest pornography confirm foreigners' suspicions that the British care more for animals than people. Between 2008 and 2011, the English and Welsh authorities charged 1,922 men for having images of bestiality about their person. By contrast, they brought ...

Commentary / World Jun 12, 2013

Syria bleeds as West watches

The only proper response to those who fret about "where do you stop?" if the international community intervenes in the Syrian conflict is "when do you start

Hobsbawm's last words

Books / Reviews Apr 14, 2013

Hobsbawm's last words

FRACTURED TIMES: Culture and Society in the 20th Century, by Eric Hobsbawm. Little, Brown, 2013, 336 pp., £25 (hardcover) When you call a thinker a "conservative communist," you sound as if you are making a weak joke. To understand the late Eric Hobsbawm's peculiar genius, ...