Noda will schedule election for Dec. 16

National Nov 15, 2012

Noda will schedule election for Dec. 16

Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda said Wednesday he plans to dissolve the Lower House on Friday and schedule the general election for Dec. 16. Noda made the offer in return for the opposition camp's agreement to support an electoral reform bill submitted by his Democratic Party ...

National Nov 14, 2012

Opposition meeting Noda poll conditions

The Democratic Party of Japan agreed Tuesday with two opposition parties on amendments to the deficit-covering bonds bill, ensuring its passage Thursday — a key condition Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda has set for dissolving the Lower House for an election. The DPJ, Liberal Democratic Party ...

National Nov 9, 2012

Diet takes up bond bill as LDP caves in

After months of hardball between the ruling and opposition blocs, Diet deliberations on the crucial bond-issuance bill kicked off Thursday, paving the way for its passage. The move came a day after the Liberal Democratic Party caved in, apparently judging it would anger the public ...

National Nov 2, 2012

Foes: Noda vow to call poll 'soon' not soon enough

Opposition parties pressed Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda again Thursday to immediately dissolve the Lower House for a snap election, but he snubbed their demands, saying he will do so based on his own judgement. "It is common sense that when (Noda) says he is dissolving ...

Shale oil vein raises energy, tech hopes

Reference | FYI Oct 16, 2012

Shale oil vein raises energy, tech hopes

For the first time ever this month, shale oil was extracted from a Japanese oil field. Although the Ayukawa oil and gas field in Akita Prefecture likely doesn't hold vast quantities, its yield is still good news for a nation seeking new energy resources as ...

National Aug 30, 2012

Censure motion against Noda OK'd

With the Sept. 8 end of the current Diet session nearing, political players in Nagata-cho engaged in a heated tit-for-tat battle Wednesday as the opposition-controlled Upper House passed a censure motion against Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda to try to push him into dissolving the ...

DPJ bills clear Lower House, to stall

National Aug 29, 2012

DPJ bills clear Lower House, to stall

The ruling Democratic Party of Japan used its numeric advantage to pass two key bills through the Lower House on Tuesday amid a vote boycott by the main opposition parties, which plan to block passage of the legislation through the Sept. 8 end of ...

National Aug 28, 2012

Rectifying vote-value gap still beyond reach?

Even if Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda dissolves the Lower House and calls an election, before a poll can be held he must rectify a major constitutional problem: the vote-value disparity in the Lower House. Since the Supreme Court ruled last year that vote-value disparities of ...

National Aug 28, 2012

DPJ fix for vote-value gap wins panel nod

The ruling Democratic Party of Japan voted Monday in an opposition-boycotted Lower House committee to back its legislation aimed at rectifying the national disparity in vote values, which is threatening the constitutionality of Japan's elections. The bills, which are expected to clear a Lower House ...

Death with dignity bills heading toward Diet

National Aug 25, 2012

Death with dignity bills heading toward Diet

It was 2 a.m. when Chiaki rushed to the hospital to see her 63-year-old father, who had collapsed from a ruptured aortic aneurysm. Six hours after surgery, the doctor told her and her mother that he was going to die even though the operation had ...