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| Dec 6, 2012

Nuclear foes face election dilemma

Tokyo fashion designer Yasuko Maruko, 44, is an absolute beginner when it comes to becoming a politician, yet she is bidding for a seat in the Diet in the Dec. 16 general election in the hope of steering Japan toward a future without nuclear ...

Hamaoka locals evasive on no-nuke future

Feb 16, 2012

Hamaoka locals evasive on no-nuke future

It has been about nine months since the operator of the Hamaoka nuclear plant succumbed to a government request to suspend operations, and it now awaits the time when it will be allowed to restart, while building a huge sea wall designed to reduce ...

Aug 29, 2011

METI faces reform in energy policy revamp

As the government gears up to hammer out a new energy policy, the industry ministry, which supervises utilities, faces the daunting task of reforming itself under a new government and regaining the public's trust after the Fukushima nuclear crisis. In the current antinuclear climate, breaking ...

Mar 28, 2011

Nuclear policy called into question

As well as raising serious doubts about the safety of nuclear reactors, the Tohoku disaster has thrown into doubt the government's policy of promoting nuclear power. But while public concern escalates over the use of atomic energy, it is uncertain how far the nation's reliance ...

Mar 11, 2011

Pitching TPP a tough nut to crack

The Kan administration is facing head winds in pushing the idea of joining negotiations for the Trans-Pacific Partnership as concerns spread among the public that participation in the free-trade pact would adversely affect not only the farm sector but other, wide-reaching areas as well. To ...

Feb 20, 2011

Young farmers brace for impact of trade liberalization

As Japan weighs the possibility of joining negotiations for a Pacific free-trade pact that could force it to drastically open up its agricultural market, it is not only pessimism that is hanging over the domestic farming industry. At least some in the younger generation appear ...

Temple turns to 'anime' to lure the young

Dec 25, 2010

Temple turns to 'anime' to lure the young

Ryohoji in Tokyo's western suburb of Hachioji was just another temple that few passersby bothered to enter until it came up with the novel idea of using "anime" characters to attract visitors. The 420-year-old temple's combination of Buddhism and geek culture, which has even seen ...

| Nov 8, 2010

Japan fudges stance on Pacific FTA plan

YOKOHAMA — With only a week left before the summit for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum in Yokohama, Japan has shown its eagerness to test the waters of a U.S.-backed multilateral Pacific free-trade agreement. But Tokyo has a number of hurdles to jump before it ...

Japan-India pact may help exports

| Oct 26, 2010

Japan-India pact may help exports

Japan and India struck a bilateral economic partnership agreement Monday, taking a big step toward deepening economic ties. The accord is expected to encourage Japanese companies to boost investment and exports of auto parts to the rapidly emerging economy. Analysts also say the agreement may help ...