Minoru Matsutani

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Jun 4, 2013

Supercomputer used to simulate disaster evacuations

University of Tokyo researchers have used the K supercomputer to develop a simulation for mass evacuations in case of tsunami. The simulation will help when designing buildings and roads to achieve smooth navigation for a massive number of people moving in the same direction, said ...

Shinto's <em>kami</em> and <em>jinja</em> seeking world acceptance

| Jun 3, 2013

Shinto's kami and jinja seeking world acceptance

Ise Jingu (伊勢神宮, Ise Jingu Shrine) has recently published a sasshi (冊子, booklet) in English, titled "Soul of Japan — An Introduction to Shinto and Ise Jingu." The news was picked up by some Japanese media because the shrine used, for the first time, ...

| Jun 1, 2013

Singer Misia help raise awareness about Africa

A powerful five-octave voice coming from a small frame is normally what describes Misia as a singer. The second hat she wears is as a philanthropic activist for Africa. Donating money and participating in charity campaigns are not extraordinary for entertainers. So Misia felt she ...

The evolution of TICAD since its inception in 1993

| Jun 1, 2013

The evolution of TICAD since its inception in 1993

TICAD, or the Tokyo International Conference on African Development, has continuously evolved since the first conference in 1993. Held once every five years, the conference has attracted a rising number of participants as Japanese companies become more interested in Africa and vice versa amid the ...

| May 6, 2013

Plan to introduce TOEFL to universities has its merits

The media and kyōiku senmonka (教育専門家, pundits on education) have been voicing the pros and cons of the idea put forward by the Jiminto (自民党, the Liberal Democratic Party) to make TOEFL (Test of English as Foreign Language) mandatory for entrance exams at all ...

Lawmaker looks at risks of populism

Jan 30, 2013

Lawmaker looks at risks of populism

Shizuoka Prefecture should hold a referendum for its citizens to decide whether the Hamaoka nuclear power plant should be restarted, assembly member Takuya Abe said. Operations at the Chubu Electric Power Co. plant were halted after Tokyo Electric Power Co.'s Fukushima No. 1 plant suffered ...