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'Jun Igarashi: The Construction Of A State'

/ May 27, 2011

"Jun Igarashi: The Construction Of A State"

"Construction of a State" is award-winning architect Jun Igarashi's first solo show. Igarashi prides himself on creating designs that are inspired by the pursuit of finding the ideal "state" of architecture, which he believes emerges from studying each structure's natural surrounding environment. The majority ...

European film festival expands outside Tokyo

/ May 27, 2011

European film festival expands outside Tokyo

After broadening the horizons of Japanese audiences for the past eight years, the EU Film Days festival is trying to broaden its audience. The three-week event, organized by the Delegation of the European Union to Japan and the National Film Center, will expand to five ...

'Invasion Prague 68: Josef Koudelka'

May 26, 2011

"Invasion Prague 68: Josef Koudelka"

Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of PhotographyCloses July 18 When photographer Josef Koudelka took to the streets of Prague in August 1968, he captured a monumental moment as the so-called Prague Spring of Czechoslovakia's rising democracy was being crushed in an event that would affect the political ...

'Photographs of Children and War'

/ May 13, 2011

"Photographs of Children and War"

Bringing together a collection of photographs from an impressive lineup of Japanese and international individualistic photographers, this exhibition portrays how images of children during times of war have been used to provoke reaction and emotion in viewers. The range of documentation styles also offers ...


/ May 13, 2011


Toshusai Sharaku's active career lasted a mere 10 months sometime in the years of 1794-95. Despite this brevity, his work has been acclaimed for its minimal and abbreviated but stylistic appearance. The mystery behind Sharaku's true identity — which is still unknown — also ...

Tokyo's art scene opens up

/ Apr 22, 2011

Tokyo's art scene opens up

You would be forgiven for thinking that Tokyo's art scene is only accessible to those with large wallets and gold cards. However, the Tokyo Art & Antiques festival — for a few days at least -- hopes to make the city's art scene accessible ...

Apr 22, 2011

Orchestra made homeless by quake

The earthquake that hit northeastern Japan last month sent ceilings crashing as far away as Muza Symphony Hall in Kawasaki, more than 300 km from its epicenter. According to the Tokyo Symphony Orchestra (TSO), 80 percent of the hall is now considered unusable. As a ...