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Three films make Japanese premiere at Sokurov festival

/ Jul 15, 2011

Three films make Japanese premiere at Sokurov festival

Acclaimed Siberian director Alexander Sokurov, will be the subject of a two-week film festival between July 23 -Aug. 5. The Cannes Film Festival regular is one of Russia's greatest directorial exports, responsible for such celebrated films as "Mother and Son" (1997) and "Moloch" (1999). ...

'House Inside City Outside House: Tokyo Metabolizing'

/ Jul 15, 2011

"House Inside City Outside House: Tokyo Metabolizing"

During the 1950s a group of Japanese architects formed the Metabolism movement, which sought to revolutionize the way buildings are designed in relation to expanding cities. This exhibition provides a 21st-century perspective on the movement, with a focus on half-size models from architects such as ...

'On the Road'

Jul 14, 2011

"On the Road"

National Museum of Modern Art Closes July 31 This exhibition is named after Jack Kerouac's famed Beat Generation novel "On the Road," the story of a young man who travels cross-country on highways and byways in search of that elusive "American dream." The 1957 book greatly ...

'XII Biennial of Illustration, Bratislava'

/ Jul 8, 2011

"XII Biennial of Illustration, Bratislava"

Since 1967, Slovakia has hosted the Biennial of Illustration Bratislava (BIB), the world's largest and most prestigious awards event for children's book illustrators. Nominees are selected by an international jury, and the awards have showcased some of the best illustrations from all over the ...

'The Body Beautiful in Ancient Greece'

/ Jul 1, 2011

"The Body Beautiful in Ancient Greece"

A visually impressive exhibition, "The Body Beautiful in Ancient Greece" explores the human form through a selection of Greek sculpture from the British Museum, which houses one of the most extensive collections of such sculpture in the world. Greek artists experimented with sculpture for more ...

'Making of Tokyo Sky Tree®'

Jun 30, 2011

"Making of Tokyo Sky Tree®"

The National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (Miraikan), Special Exhibition Closes Oct. 2 Tokyo Sky Tree has piqued the interest of the public, particularly those in the Asakusa area, where the giant construction has stopped many a passerby to stare, take photos and chart ...

'Ming Wong: Life of Imitation'

/ Jun 24, 2011

"Ming Wong: Life of Imitation"

For "Life of Imitation," Berlin-based Singaporean artist Ming Wong's video installations reinterpret famous movies. Taking on some roles himself and re-casting others with actors and actresses of different nationalities, he mimics scenes from classic films such as Wong Kar Wai's "In the Mood for ...

Stars to hit charity flea market

/ Jun 24, 2011

Stars to hit charity flea market

With a clutch of Japanese and international pop artists at their disposal, the MTV Video Music Awards Japan have organized an after-party-turned-flea market to "end all flea markets." The Flea Market for Tohoku is a chance for fans to see their favorite artists perform, and ...