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'Naoki Ishikawa '8848''

/ Sep 2, 2011

"Naoki Ishikawa '8848'"

Naoki Ishikawa, an incessant traveler, took up professional photography just four years ago and has since documented many of his expeditions. He has won various international awards and was the second-youngest photographer to win Japan's Ken Domon Award. In March this year, Ishikawa decided to ...

Passing through Kohei Nawa's tactile rooms of the senses

Aug 18, 2011

Passing through Kohei Nawa's tactile rooms of the senses

The lecture theatre is brimful of bright-eyed people listening to a lecture by Kohei Nawa — an artist considered by many to be at the forefront of contemporary art in Japan. The public lecture offers insight into the design and production process of the ...

/ Aug 12, 2011

Half-time drum show is full-time fun

Some of America's finest drummers and brass-players marched into Japan this week for Drumline 2011. The tour will hit several prefectures and give locals a taste of the energized spectacle that comes during the half-time show at American football games. The music was popularized in ...

'Cafe in Mito 2011 — Relationships In Color'

/ Aug 12, 2011

"Cafe in Mito 2011 — Relationships In Color"

Mito's Contemporary Art Center was forced to close its doors after suffering some damage due to the March 11 earthquake, but it has reopened for its annual "Cafe in Mito" — now in its ninth year. The event's name stands for "Communicable Action for ...

'Kukai's World: The Arts Of Esoteric Buddhism'

/ Aug 5, 2011

"Kukai's World: The Arts Of Esoteric Buddhism"

The Japanese Buddhist monk Kukai, commonly known as Kobo Daishi, traveled across China in the early 800s as an envoy to study esoteric Buddhism. After bringing the fruits of his learnings back to Japan, he later helped found Shingon as one of the main ...

'Nobuyoshi Araki: Higan'

/ Aug 5, 2011

"Nobuyoshi Araki: Higan"

Nobuyoshi Araki is most noted for his provocative depictions of scantily-clad women, often posed in submissive positions. His work has garnered him attention and admirers, including stars such as Lady Gaga and Bjork. This exhibition displays more than 450 images from Araki's most recent body ...

/ Aug 5, 2011

Chikugo festival features firework waterfall

While nearly every city in Japan boasts an annual summer fireworks display, Fukuoka gives its citizens a little bit extra pizazz. Since 2003, the Chikugo River fireworks display has held the world record for the longest firework — more than 3 km in length — ...

'Glass Admired By The Russian Tsars'

/ Aug 5, 2011

"Glass Admired By The Russian Tsars"

Some of the most ornate and refined pieces of glassware from St. Petersburg's State Hermitage Museum — home to the former Russian royal residence, the Winter Palace — are currently on display in Tokyo. Royalty have never been noted for their reserved tastes, and the ...

'RongRong & Inri: Three Begets Ten Thousand Things'

Jul 28, 2011

"RongRong & Inri: Three Begets Ten Thousand Things"

Shiseido Gallery Closes Aug. 14 In the past decade, the popularity and price of Chinese contemporary artworks have risen exponentially, as the Chinese government became more tolerant toward experimental artwork, allowing it to be shown in museums. Now the government has embraced the art scene as ...

Gospel event to sing prayer for Tohoku

/ Jul 22, 2011

Gospel event to sing prayer for Tohoku

The bombastic and expressive vocals of gospel music are far removed from traditional Japanese culture, which may be why the genre is so popular here. With the financial support of Tokyo Union Church, Rev. George Redding and a group of American and Japanese gospel singers ...