Dusty wellspring of a 'cultural gem'

General May 18, 2003

Dusty wellspring of a 'cultural gem'

Chen Village's simple appearance belies something profound. This dusty hamlet of fewer than 3,000 people has had an impact on Chinese culture far out of proportion to its size, since this is where Taijiquan was born. Taijiquan (otherwise known as Taichi and sometimes rendered as ...

No sex please, we're pacifist

Stage Feb 26, 2003

No sex please, we're pacifist

Sex and war. These two universals are, like their cousins death and taxes, woven into the very fabric of human history. And next week both the battle to procreate and the desire to dominate will be on the receiving end of ridicule as groups ...

China's environmental problems pose opportunities

National Oct 25, 2002

China's environmental problems pose opportunities

Smoke curls into the sky from power plants, home heaters, factories and cars, poisoning the air. Rain runs in sheets off slopes stripped of trees, eroding valuable topsoil, sedimenting rivers, causing raging floods downstream, and later, droughts as land loses its capacity to hold ...

National Sep 3, 2002

Summit should move toward people-based action: official

The World Summit on Sustainable Development currently under way in Johannesburg must move beyond rhetoric and commit to action if the global environment is to improve, according to a Foreign Ministry official knowledgeable about Africa. "It will be a success if action-oriented decisions are taken, ...

National Aug 17, 2002

Uncertainty overshadows Earth summit

The largest United Nations gathering in history is to start in Johannesburg in nine days' time, with nations reflecting on the progress -- or the lack of it -- toward achieving a more sustainable world over the past decade and wrangling over how to ...

Concrete forests glimpsed through four trees

Environment Aug 15, 2002

Concrete forests glimpsed through four trees

Mike was upset when he heard that four gingko trees on the corner of a lot he can see from his Setagaya Ward house in Tokyo were to be cut down. A developer is to build six cookie-cutter homes on the 600-sq.-meter plot. As he ...

National Aug 7, 2002

Ministry's new climate atlas designed to cool cities

The Environment Ministry is creating its first climate atlas, a fledgling attempt to chart atmospheric trends to spur more environmentally friendly city planning. The so-called environmental climate atlas, which makes a case study of Minato Ward, Tokyo, will be included in a heat island report ...

National Aug 2, 2002

Tokyo cooling system in the pipeline

In an effort to curb Tokyo's ever-warming urban sprawl, the government is considering a massive project to cool the heart of the capital using an underground network of pipes -- tantamount to the world's largest radiator. Sources close to the plan said funds to further ...

National May 25, 2002

IWC meeting ends in a bitter divide

SHIMONOSEKI, Yamaguchi Pref. -- The International Whaling Commission's weeklong annual plenary meeting ended Friday with a ban on commercial hunting in place for another year but nations bitterly divided over aboriginal whaling. Observers said the meeting was the most divisive in years after Tokyo led ...