/ Jul 8, 2013

Deterring an Asia nuke race

Asia risks sliding into a nuclear arms race, aggravated by underlying mistrust. Potential "threshold" countries include South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia and Vietnam.

/ Jul 3, 2013

Preparing for cyberwarfare

Washington expects cyberspace missions to become a dominant factor in military operations. But what will the rules of engagement be in the lawless, digital frontier

/ Jun 18, 2013

Cruise missile threat in Asia

Cruise missiles that are difficult to detect, increasingly fast and capable of carrying nuclear warheads are raising the risk of catastrophic conflict in Asia.

/ May 8, 2013

U.S. burnishing energy card

As the top natural gas producer outpacing even Russia, the U.S. has an energy card to play. It can decide how much to export, at what price, and to which countries.

/ Apr 24, 2013

North Korea's nuclear puzzle

Additional evidence that North Korea is about to deploy nuclear-tipped long-range missiles will raise a question that no Asian or Western leader wants to answer.