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Are the kids today leaning right?

Commentary / World Apr 22, 2022

Are the kids today leaning right?

It's long been assumed younger voters support progressive and left-leaning parties. But though this pattern has been borne out historically, recent trends suggest that it may be changing.

Commentary / World Feb 28, 2012

Hamas' diaspora leader comes in from the cold

Amid revolutionary change in the Middle East, the forces of political Islam have scored one electoral victory after another. As the West grapples with the rapid rise of moderate Islamists in Tunisia, Morocco and Egypt, the issue of Hamas' role in the Palestinian territories ...

Commentary / World May 28, 2008

Exposing the myth of the Shiite Crescent

AMMAN — Recently Israeli Vice Prime Minister Shaul Mofaz offered an unequivocal veto on a key issue in the Mideast peace process: Any return of the Golan Heights to Syria would result in an "Iranian foothold" on Israel's border and would thus not only ...