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Commentary / World May 20, 2014

China bashing doesn't help

China is getting bashed by a perfect storm of its own counterproductive public relations, its actions and reactions, and what China perceives as the harmonized public diplomacy strategy of its detractors. That's not good for peace in the South China Sea.

Commentary / World Oct 12, 2011

China and America at odds over the South China Sea

China and the United States are at strategic odds in the South China Sea. The U.S. is striving to maintain — and if necessary — demonstrate its dominance while China is expanding its might and reach. Respective nuclear warfare strategies may even play a ...

Commentary / World Jun 29, 2011

South China Sea: making sense of nonsense

After a series of aggressive incidents involving Chinese patrol boats and subsequent soothing official statements, many analysts are trying to figure out what is really going on. More specifically, why have different sections of China's government given mixed signals and chosen in nearly one fell ...

Commentary / World Oct 6, 2010

N.E. Asia needs a maritime code of conduct

KANEOHE, Hawaii — Japan and China have wisely stepped back from the political brink in the East China Sea. But if the past has anything to say about the future, there will be similar serious confrontations at sea disturbing not only relations between the ...

Commentary / World Nov 30, 2008

Building a curative response to sea banditry

KUALA LUMPUR — Although the conditions for piracy and terrorism to thrive are similar, their objectives are different. The motivation for piracy is old-fashioned greed while terrorists are predominantly driven by political and religious ideology. Moreover, pirates usually want to grab their booty and ...