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Mark Buckton has covered sumo for The Japan Times Online since 2006 and has long worked with broadcast media such as the BBC and CNN when things go awry in the sport. He has contributed to six books on Japanese culture, and is a columnist at entertainment magazine Eye-Ai.

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Hatsu 2014: Now or never for Kisenosato

| Jan 12, 2014

Hatsu 2014: Now or never for Kisenosato

When he first shot through the ranks in the mid 2000s, more than a few fans and commentators had Kisenosato penciled in as a future yokozuna. And in his 13-tournament rise from jonokuchi – the lowest of sumo’s six divisions – to the sekitori ranks, ...

| Dec 2, 2013

Little-man sumo pays off for Harumafuji

It was without doubt one of the most disappointing yokozuna-yokozuna bouts in recent years. When Harumafuji’s disappointing hit-and-run technique against fellow Mongolian Hakuho on Nov. 24 gave him the championship after an action-packed 15 days, few were that impressed. Instead, rather that his sixth yusho to ...