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National Jul 8, 2010

Hatoyama legacy bedevils DPJ in Okinawa

NAHA, Okinawa Pref. — Even though former Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama broke his promise to move U.S. Marine Corps Air Station Futenma out of Okinawa, his involvement in the matter ended the moment he left office. But for the people of Okinawa the story is ...

National | ANALYSIS Apr 15, 2010

Hatoyama looks vulnerable after fruitless U.S. trip

WASHINGTON — When he visited the United States nearly seven months ago, Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama was making his diplomatic debut as the head of a new administration launched after a historic national election. But this time out, he toured Washington when voters at home ...

National Jan 25, 2010

Base foe Inamine to be next Nago mayor

NAGO, Okinawa Pref. — Base-relocation opponent Susumu Inamine was headed for victory in Sunday's mayoral race in Nago, Okinawa Prefecture, making it unlikely the city will host a U.S. Marine Corps base Japan and the United States formally agreed to relocate in 2006, late ...

National Dec 6, 2009

DPJ plan to cut U.S. forces said behind Futenma delay

Behind Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama's stalling on the future of U.S. Marine Corps Air Station Futenma in Okinawa Prefecture seems to lie a long-held wish to reduce the presence of U.S. forces in Japan, as well as the determination of his former boss, Ichiro ...

National Sep 27, 2009

Pledges easy part for Hatoyama

PITTSBURGH — Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama may have just scored on his diplomatic debut, but now it's time for him to deliver. In little more than a week since taking office, the chief of Japan's new ruling party has won international acclaim for his ambitious ...

National Sep 26, 2009

How Hatoyama will alter U.S. relations still unclear

NEW YORK — Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama promised U.S. President Barack Obama that Tokyo will remain a close ally of Washington, but it's not yet clear how the bilateral relationship will develop under his administration, which seeks more equal ties with the United States. In ...

National Aug 31, 2009

Ozawa reaches goal; clout to grow

The Democratic Party of Japan's major election victory Sunday was what acting President Ichiro Ozawa had been aiming for, ensuring his influence on the political scene will grow further. Having been forced to resign as party president and retreat to the background because of an ...

National Jul 4, 2009

Recession pinches G8 Africa aid

Africa shared top billing with climate change at last year's Group of Eight summit, but the global financial crisis has since undermined developed nations' efforts to meet the financial commitments they made to the continent. Advocacy groups say assistance from the G8 is needed more ...

Will Hatoyama brothers revive rivalry with Aso?

National Jun 14, 2009

Will Hatoyama brothers revive rivalry with Aso?

Kunio Hatoyama's resignation Friday as internal affairs and communications minister has fueled speculation he could join his brother Yukio, leader of the main opposition party, in a two-pronged family attack on Prime Minister Taro Aso, the grandson of their grandfather's archrival. The minister quit his ...