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Episode 72: Preserving the endangered Ainu language

DEEP DIVE Nov 11, 2020

Episode 72: Preserving the endangered Ainu language

The Ainu language has been declared critically endangered by UNESCO, with few people left alive today who speak it. The Ainu are Japan's indigenous population and Japan Times contributor Mara Budgen has been meeting with them to better understand their remaining culture, the difficulties they ...

Reader Mail Sep 14, 2008

Half-baked conclusion confuses

How did authorities determine that the abandoned infant was "foreign"? Was it holding a passport? Giving a thumbs-up gesture? Was it unable to use chopsticks? A reporter from The Japan Times should have investigated. rodney baglole

Editorials May 23, 2008

The dams must go on

Tokuyama Dam in Ibikawa, Gifu Prefecture, provides the nation's biggest water reservoir. Beginning full operation May 5, it is a typical example of wasteful public works. This multipurpose dam for water utilization, flood control and power generation was first proposed in 1957. To build ...

Commentary / World Apr 28, 2008

Combating climate change

SINGAPORE — Two recent news reports have underscored China's voracious appetite for oil and the impact of unrestrained burning of coal and other fossil fuels on global climate change. Both point to the need for Japan, the United States, Canada, South Korea, Australia and ...