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World / Science & Health Oct 8, 2013

Report links sonar to whale stranding

The mysterious stranding of about 100 melon-headed whales in a shallow Madagascar lagoon in 2008 set off a rapid international response — a few of the 3-4-meter-long marine mammals were rescued, necropsies conducted, a review panel formed. Did they follow prey into the lagoon? Were ...

Flying through an urban obstacle course like 007

Lifestyle Jun 25, 2013

Flying through an urban obstacle course like 007

If you're my age (meaning not in your 20s) and you've even heard of "parkour," it's probably because of that scene in the 2006 remake of "Casino Royale" when James Bond chases a bounding, bouncing bad guy up a giant construction crane, down an ...

Reader Mail Feb 27, 2011

Pawns of leading-edge 'research'

The front-page Feb. 22 article "Work starts at Shinjuku Unit 731" prompted me to make a few comments as a student of the Chinese language who visited the Biological Warfare Unit 731 site in the Pingfang district of Harbin, China. (The Shinjuku site in Tokyo ...

Reader Mail Jan 6, 2011

No proof seniors drive less safely

The Jan. 3 Kyodo article "Traffic deaths down but not for seniors" reports that, for the first time, half of all victims of fatal traffic accidents in Japan during 2010 were 65 or older. The piece then opines that the imbalance in the distribution ...