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| Jul 1, 2003

Treasure hunting in Japan

If you happen to be bit of a pack-rat, are looking for a unique souvenir from Japan, or just enjoy "window" shopping, then a visit to a Japanese flea market is an experience not to be missed. Flea markets of one form or another have ...

Japan masters the art of noise

| Dec 3, 2002

Japan masters the art of noise

There is no cure, no medicine, no surgery that can reverse the damage done. You probably won't die of it, but the unknowing victims number in their millions and are usually only diagnosed after it is much too late. This totally preventable scourge is ...

Concrete -- modern Japan's blockhead obsession

| May 30, 2002

Concrete -- modern Japan's blockhead obsession

They invented it, didn't they? I am referring to concrete, that ubiquitous, seemingly innocuous, cold, hard and gray building material that, according to a book published here recently, threatens to take over the world -- or at least this far eastern corner of it. The ...

Back in brass -- and loving it

Nov 11, 2001

Back in brass -- and loving it

In the '60s and '70s, when rock was king, for any North American teen who dreamed of musical fame, learning to play the electric guitar with suitably straddle-legged machismo was the only route to nirvana. Taking up other unfashionable instruments like the trumpet, saxophone, ...