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Taiwan's voters say 'hands off'

/ Dec 15, 2014

Taiwan's voters say 'hands off'

Taiwanese voters late last month sent an important message to their government and to Big Brother China watching from across the narrow strait — hands off our democracy.

/ Dec 5, 2014

Japan's 'zombienomics'

The hard reality is that Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's vaunted economic reforms will not work unless he shows more guts, much more imagination and a lot more humility in dealing with a modern economy that cannot be commanded by fiat.

China's rule by law, not of it

/ Nov 2, 2014

China's rule by law, not of it

China is embarked on a major reform dedicated, leaders claim, to improving the rule of law, but subject to the will of the ruling Communist Party. This is really rule by law, not the rule of law.

Poor politics led to Scot vote

/ Sep 16, 2014

Poor politics led to Scot vote

The very fact that a referendum is being held at all on Scottish independence is an indictment of the quality of British politicians going back particularly to Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, who triggered Scots' simmering resentment against Westminster with her infamous poll tax.