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Library helps the blind enjoy graphics

| Apr 23, 2002

Library helps the blind enjoy graphics

HIGASHI-OSAKA, Osaka Pref. -- While audio read-out software has made it easier for blind people to access text-based information on computers, graphics have remained a hurdle. But a new device installed earlier this month at the Osaka Prefectural Central Library allows blind PC users to ...

Three-footed crow proves lucky for charm sales

Apr 13, 2002

Three-footed crow proves lucky for charm sales

KASHIHARA, Nara Pref. -- A three-footed crow may seem a mysterious idea to say the least, or downright weird to be more blunt. But as a prelude to the World Cup soccer finals cohosted by Japan and South Korea, items bearing images of the legendary ...

Swim meet to spotlight river filth

Feb 19, 2002

Swim meet to spotlight river filth

OSAKA -- Anyone for a dip? The Dotonbori River has been running through the center of Osaka's bustling Namba district since it was diverted as a waterway in the early 16th century. But the filth in the river makes the idea of holding a ...

Glassmaker pitches balls for the Cup

Feb 5, 2002

Glassmaker pitches balls for the Cup

HIRAKATA, Osaka Pref. -- At first glance, it looks like a soccer ball, and you might even try to kick it. But the maker of this "ball" would beg you not to, because it is in fact a patented lampshade built of stained glass. Kazuhide ...

Jan 22, 2002

Speedskater suit to let racers go with the airflow

OSAKA -- During the four years since the 1998 Winter Olympic Games in Nagano, athletes have tried hard to improve for next month's games in Salt Lake City. A Mizuno employee shows off part of a speedskating suit featuring the firm's newly developed Aero Dot ...

Jan 13, 2002

The real deal in Kansai's kitchen

OSAKA -- Osaka's Kuromon Market has never ceased to fire the Japanese public imagination in its 180 years of existence. Back in the 1940s, it was described in Sakunosuke Oda's novels, including his well-known "Meotozenzai." And these days, Kuromon is on television, in a ...

Jan 8, 2002

Tourists take on Takla Makan aboard thirsty ships of desert

AMAGASAKI, Hyogo Pref. -- To enter the Takla Makan Desert in China's Xinjiang-Uighur Autonomous Region may mean to never return. At least, that is what the name of one of the world's largest deserts is said to mean in the Uighur language. But in reality, the ...