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Commentary / World Aug 15, 2006

No shortcuts to free access

Last January, a major scandal broke over budget hotel chain Toyoko Inn Co.'s illegal removal of special guest rooms and parking spots set up for the disabled after the construction of those facilities had passed official inspection. Toyoko Inn converted the special rooms into ...

Commentary / World Apr 3, 2001

Homegrown IT plans are best

The government has unveiled the "e-Japan" strategy that it hopes will turn Japan into the most advanced information-technology-based nation in five years. Most mass media and IT experts are critical of the strategy. They say it lacks vision and workable plans, is late and ...

Commentary / World Jan 1, 2001

Progress alone won't be enough

IT, shorthand for information technology, was a buzzword in Japan in 2000. Never before had computers and the Internet caused such a furor in the media. To be sure, IT had created a boom several times in the past, but its impact had been ...

Commentary / World Apr 18, 2000

Living in a high-tech world

Trading in the shares of Internet-related venture businesses is booming on the Japanese stock market. The media are full of reports on information technology and Internet-based e-commerce. Computer and telecommunications technologies are bringing revolutionary changes to society, but Japan and the United States have ...