Business / Economy Jul 2, 2014

TPP nations set to meet in Ottawa as U.S. pushes for deal

Officials from the 12 countries involved in a Pacific free trade initiative will seek to advance their stalled talks during a meeting in Ottawa starting Thursday, following U.S. President Barack Obama's call for an agreement on the framework by November. While advocates of the Trans-Pacific ...

Business / Economy | ANALYSIS May 21, 2014

TPP talks progress, no completion

A broad Pacific trade accord appears nowhere in sight after ministers from 12 countries failed to specify a timeline for striking a deal, despite the efforts of Japan and the United States to inject impetus by highlighting the progress they made on tariffs in ...

Singapore TPP talks fail to reach a deal

Business Feb 25, 2014

Singapore TPP talks fail to reach a deal

Ministers from 12 Pacific-Rim countries failed Tuesday to achieve the goal of reaching a broad agreement on an envisioned regional free trade deal due to remaining gulfs over such key outstanding issues as tariff elimination. After wrapping up their four-day meeting in Singapore, the members ...

'Dog yoga' catching on with pet lovers and their canines

National Jan 3, 2014

'Dog yoga' catching on with pet lovers and their canines

An unusual fitness practice whose adherents believe strengthens the bond between dog and owner has taken hold among devotees of the two- and four-legged variety. "Dog yoga" — which, as the name suggests, incorporates dogs with aspects of the ancient exercise discipline — lets owners ...

Race is on to develop self-driving autos

Business / Tech Oct 18, 2013

Race is on to develop self-driving autos

Cars that drive themselves used to be a pipe dream, only to be seen in the movies. But with cars already packed with information technology, the idea is no longer far-fetched for global automakers, and the competition is heating up. U.S. companies are leading the ...

Business Nov 29, 2012

Southeast Asia draws renewed look as investment destination

Japanese firms have renewed their focus on Southeast Asian countries as investment destinations as they increasingly seek to disperse their operations from China amid the Senkakus territorial dispute. China has long been one of the key overseas investment hubs for Japanese firms, which have enjoyed ...

Business Nov 10, 2012

Senkakus backlash slashes carmakers' earnings outlook

Rampant anti-Japan sentiment in China looks certain to slash the full-year earnings results of Japanese automakers operating in the country, although some analysts argue the bitter fallout from the Senkakus row could become a stepping stone to enhanced global competitiveness. In October, Japan's major carmakers ...