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Twitter grapples with an Elon Musk problem

Business Apr 12, 2022

Twitter grapples with an Elon Musk problem

Musk, Twitter’s largest shareholder and one of its highest-profile users, could very well use the social media platform against itself and even buy enough shares to take over the company.

Commentary / World Dec 5, 2011

China: soft or crash landing?

Economists who believe that China can come to the rescue of an increasingly troubled global economy are now in a decided minority, with questions increasingly being asked whether China can save itself: Will China's economy achieve a soft landing, a hard landing or even ...

Editorials Apr 23, 2011

Mr. Keene's noble decision

Mr. Donald Keene, a prominent scholar of Japanese literature and Columbia University professor, has decided to make Japan his permanent home and has begun the process of becoming a naturalized Japanese citizen, it was reported last week. In an interview with NHK, the 88-year-old ...

Editorials Jan 21, 2010

JAL's rehabilitation begins

Japan Airlines Corp., together with its two key subsidiaries — Japan Airlines International Co. and JAL Capital Co. — filed for bankruptcy protection Tuesday with the Tokyo District Court under the Corporate Rehabilitation Law. The group's combined liabilities of ¥2.32 trillion amount to the ...