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How to avoid the melt down

May 29, 2007

How to avoid the melt down

With the weather heating up, it's time to put on more UV protection and get out those hardy cosmetics that can withstand the summer's melting sun. There is such a wealth of lotions with different sun-protection factors (SPFs) to protect your skin that it can ...

Looking good naturally this spring

Mar 6, 2007

Looking good naturally this spring

With the gloom of winter now behind us, people are getting out of their dark, heavy clothes and into lighter, brighter spring colors. And with this comes a different approach to makeup. Makeup for spring still relies on many of the same colors as last ...

Japan can't stop the tide of people: UNHCR chief

Dec 7, 2006

Japan can't stop the tide of people: UNHCR chief

As more people migrate worldwide, Japan will not be able to stop immigration, according to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, saying he was concerned with Japan's restrictive refugee acceptance program and treatment of asylum-seekers. "One key aspect of the 21st century will be ...

| Oct 17, 2006

TELL help and driving licenses

TELL guide Tokyo English Lifeline (TELL) has published their first directory of services for the Kanto region. "Tell me about Tokyo" is a compact guide to all the medical, legal and social services you might need living in the greater Tokyo region. The book's 12 ...

'Kazunori Kumagai: Resolution of My Tap'

Oct 5, 2006

"Kazunori Kumagai: Resolution of My Tap"

BunkamuraSaturday Oct. 9, 6:18 p.m. After several years of performing in small dance clubs, 29-year-old Kazunori Kumagai -- who blends tap, hip-hop attitude and energetic acrobatics -- brings his hard-hitting style to Bunkamura Hall ( in Tokyo's Shibuya Ward on Saturday (tickets 7,000 yen). Kumagai, ...

Sep 21, 2006

Two Kyoto boys saved from drowning

was floating downstream so I ran down and jumped in and my friend went upstream to rescue the other boy where he was struggling," Bartz said. Naoki Kubo of Kyoto, who was nearby, also jumped in the river to help Baba rescue Nanbu, police said. ...

Picking a yoga teacher needn't cause a strain

Sep 12, 2006

Picking a yoga teacher needn't cause a strain

For anyone interested in yoga, the first step is finding the right teacher. My quest began when my shiatsu therapist said I needed to strengthen the muscles in my bad back. After several bad experiences, which had pretty much convinced me to give up the ...

Keep cool while on the go this summer

Aug 8, 2006

Keep cool while on the go this summer

Summer is the time for diving into the great outdoors, whether it be at a music festival, the beach, hiking or just a barbecue with friends. But how do you stay cool cool and still look good while on the go during the hottest time ...

| Mar 7, 2006

A good cause

While Japan has no tradition of high-priced events for the wealthy to raise money for charity, expatriate communities here regularly lay on glitzy, high-profile parties as a means of raising money for the less fortunate. In many cases, however, a large amount, if not all, ...