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Opening the kimono to everyone

General Nov 29, 2005

Opening the kimono to everyone

Maia Maniglier fell in love with kimono in 2001, when she was convinced to let a Tokyo kimono stylist dress her for a reception at the French Embassy. Kanji Nakashima impressed the skeptical French woman, who had lived in Japan since 1989, by dressing ...

General Nov 22, 2005

Keep your cash on Buy Nothing Day

Started in 1992 by a group of Canadian activists, BND aims to raise public awareness about the harmful effects of consumerism. Anyone can participate by just not spending any money on Nov. 26. Through abstaining, participants are encouraged to reflect on the role money plays ...

Revealing times on a girls' night out

_unknown | WEEK 3 Nov 20, 2005

Revealing times on a girls' night out

The bare back of a man shines like a beacon in a dark empty street below an expressway in Tokyo's Tamachi district. The brightly lit mural points the way inside to one of the only male strip shows in town catering to women. With three ...

Issues | THE ZEIT GIST Sep 27, 2005

Time well spent

Living in the world's second largest economy, it's often tempting to forget that there are people and organizations in Japan in dire need of help. Complex regulations and red tape that restrict day-to-day operations, meager government funding, and threadbare resources often leave many groups ...

The nature of the mind

Art Aug 31, 2005

The nature of the mind

Shunmyo Masuno calls his works "expressions of my mind," and they have the power to stir up depths of emotion and even tap into the subconscious. They are not psychedelic paintings, however, nor are they virtual reality installations -- they are gardens. And the ...

Tokyo as a chilled-out paradise

Travel Jun 17, 2005

Tokyo as a chilled-out paradise

So you think Tokyo is fast-paced and tiring? Think again. Semitropical Hachijojima is the southernmost of the seven Izu Islands, which are administered by Tokyo. The island is a popular destination for surfing, fishing and scuba diving but with everyone out at sea all day, ...

Issues | THE ZEIT GIST Sep 7, 2004

What's a (Western) woman to do?

Many Western women in Japan complain that, despite plentiful romance in their home countries, they now face a dating desert. But Yuki, an assistant manager at a popular club in Shibuya, says the reason most Japanese men appear uninterested in Western women is because they ...