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'Naka' sparks Scots' interest in Japan

National May 29, 2008

'Naka' sparks Scots' interest in Japan

Elementary and secondary school students in Glasgow, Scotland, are showing increasing interest in the Japanese language as a direct result of a soccer player — Celtic midfielder Shunsuke Nakamura. Japanese will be recognized as one of the optional foreign languages to be included in examinations ...

Castella returns to its roots

National Feb 6, 2008

Castella returns to its roots

Castella, a sponge cake popular in Japan that legend has it was introduced to the country in Nagasaki by Portuguese traders in the 16th century, has been undergoing a revival in the land of its creation. The moist, sweet cake was "brought back home" for ...

National Aug 7, 2001

Veteran makes 108th trip to Thailand

A local rumor about the remains of scores of Japanese soldiers having been found in a jungle cave brought 83-year-old Takashi Nagase to a western Thai province bordering Myanmar. Takashi Nagase and his wife, Yoshiko, recite a Buddhist sutra before a jungle cave in a ...