Julian Ryall

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Nov 18, 2002

British law firm capitalizes on thirst for global tools, investment advice

Despite Japan's much-publicized economic problems, independent financial advisers Towry Law are "very pleased" with the performance of their Japan operations, according to John Simmonds, managing director of the Britain-based company. "Considering the market conditions in Japan, we're very pleased," said Simmonds, who was visiting Tokyo ...

Sep 24, 2002

Madrid conference brings together key mortgage industry players

MADRID -- Changes in Japan's mortgage industry are likely to cause a spurt in mortgage lending and a great deal of price competition, ultimately leading to a shakeup in the the country's mortgage industry, according to Michael Lea, president of Countrywide International Consulting Services. Lea ...

Sep 16, 2002

Mortgage-lending confab aims to fire up European market

The movers and shakers of Europe's mortgage-lending industry are to attend an unprecedented conference that starts in Madrid on Sept. 22 in an effort to find solutions in light of globalization and ensuing difficulties they currently face -- including dilution within the financial services ...

Sep 8, 2002

London's black-cab elite

My Tokyo taxi driver loses the ability to speak for a second or two, then gushes: "They're simply the best. They're professionals. They do that test . . ." "The Knowledge," I prompt him. "Is that what they call it?" he says, looking at me in ...

Chiba children's home kids get glimpse of media workings

Sep 7, 2002

Chiba children's home kids get glimpse of media workings

Five children from the Nonohana-no-ie Children's Home got a taste of the newsroom at The Japan Times and spent some time behind the microphone at radio Inter-FM recently, part of a program to prepare the youngsters for a working life outside the home. Founded in ...

Aug 20, 2002

DNA scholars hope to stock Siberia 'park' with mammoths

"Jurassic Park" was a work of fiction. Pleistocene Park is in the process of becoming fact. A joint team of Japanese and Russian scientists arrived in the Siberian province of Yakutsk late last month to excavate a number of creatures that have been extinct for ...

Net-based control system reality today

Jul 18, 2002

Net-based control system reality today

"The lights are on but nobody's home" used to be a slur, a criticism of inability, inadequacy, ineptitude. Not any more. Today, it's one of the highest accolades that can be paid to a company or organization. Just imagine: You've had a hard day in the ...

/ Jun 26, 2002

Germany ends S. Korean dream

SEOUL -- South Korea's dream run in the World Cup finally came to an end. Michael Ballack's 74th-minute strike gave Germany a 1-0 victory over it Tuesday night leaving 65,256 fans in the stadium -- as well as an estimated seven million watching the match ...