Moleskines are shaping virtual notebooks

Digital Apr 3, 2013

Moleskines are shaping virtual notebooks

Australian author Bruce Chatwin has a lot to answer for. Specifically, he's responsible for a forthcoming initial public offering (IPO) on the Italian stock market. It all goes back to something he wrote in his 1986 book "The Songlines."

Digital | TECHNOLOGY Mar 27, 2013

Facebook, Google spreading 'their' Net

On March 18, amid great hoopla, the Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering was awarded to Sir Tim Berners-Lee, Robert Kahn, Vinton Cerf, Louis Pouzin and Marc Andreessen. The 15-person selection panel said the five men had all contributed to the recent revolution in communications that ...

How Google made me get into bed with Hitler

Digital | TECHNOLOGY Mar 20, 2013

How Google made me get into bed with Hitler

One of the wonders of the online world is the "Downfall" meme on YouTube. (For those whose time is too valuable to be wasted watching video clips, I should explain that the parody is based on remixing a scene from Oliver Hirschbiegel's film, "Der ...

Digital | TECHNOLOGY Mar 13, 2013

Online, some are more equal than others

A few years ago, New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman published a bestselling book with the title "The World is Flat." In it he used the concept of "flatness" to describe "how more people can plug, play, compete, connect and collaborate with more equal ...

Digital | TECHNOLOGY Mar 6, 2013

Not even Google will be around forever

Some years ago, when the Google Books project, which aims to digitize all of the world's printed books, was getting under way, the two cofounders of Google were having a meeting with the librarian of one of the universities that had signed up for ...

Digital | TECHNOLOGY Feb 13, 2013

Streams of consciousness will kill off websites

The communications theorist Marshall McLuhan observed that "we look at the present through a rear-view mirror." And that "we march backwards into the future." Amen. Remember the horseless carriage? Not to mention the fact that we still measure the oomph of a Porsche 911 ...

Commentary / World Jul 2, 2008

Bill Gates' excellent adventure ends in tears

LONDON — The scene: a tasteful, wooded corporate retreat north of Seattle. The time: one day last March. A large group — mainly chaps in their mid-40s — stand around. They seem to be in quite a state. Here's how one described the scene: ...