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Creating mirages: the Muslim world onscreen

Film / Reviews Jun 30, 2004

Creating mirages: the Muslim world onscreen

While Hollywood has a long tradition of demonizing Muslims, Japanese filmmakers have taken a decidedly more benign approach As news and pictures of the torture at Abu Ghraib began filling front pages in Britain and the United States, Robert Fisk of The Independent wrote that ...

Features May 9, 2004

When wrong can be right

At the beginning of "Showgirls," suspicious that a kind seamstress might be physically attracted to her, aspiring chorine Nomi (Elizabeth Berkley) asks: "Are you hitting on me?" The Japanese subtitle reads: "Are you making fun of me?" Toward the conclusion of "Frankie and Johnny," Johnny ...

Issues | THE ZEIT GIST May 20, 2003

Putting the frighteners on Japanese travelers

Films, books and television programs can teach you a lot about those who dwell in the world outside yours. If you're an American of a certain age, you probably learned from one or more of these sources that Frenchmen carry baguettes atop their berets, ...