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When Europe slowly surrenders to intolerance

Commentary / World Aug 26, 2014

When Europe slowly surrenders to intolerance

One unfortunate truth to emerge about the nature of the global anti-Israel movement this summer is that many protesters are challenging Israel's very right to exist, not its policies in the territories that it came to occupy in 1967.

Commentary / World Jul 28, 2014

In this Gaza war, the truth lies underground

One of the more astonishing facts of this Gaza war is that the tunnels that Hamas has dug under the border with Israel are not designed for commerce, but for kidnapping. The tunnels reportedly contain tranquilizers and handcuffs, seemingly meant to gain physical control ...

Commentary / World Jun 1, 2014

Obama's cold-eyed 'management' of policy

The White House faces a strange conundrum. Polls show that many Americans want a foreign policy that does not go out looking for fights and Obama is delivering on that. Yet his approval ratings remain generally low.

Commentary / World Apr 15, 2014

When will Netanyahu nail himself to the cross?

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry is not wrong to believe that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will, sooner or later, have to stop nailing himself to small crosses (prisoner releases, minor settlement compromises) and move to the big cross: endangering his right-wing coalition ...

Commentary / World Feb 10, 2014

Kerry errs when he invokes specter of boycotts of Israel

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry cleverly addresses every worry articulated by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, but Kerry's big mistake in his approach to negotiations is his need to publicly invoke, repeatedly, the specter of an international campaign to boycott Israel.

Commentary / World Jan 31, 2014

Three more bad omens on Iran nuclear talks

As we get closer to the main negotiations over Iran's nuclear program, it's hard to find an auspicious sign in Iranian President Hassan Rouhani's recent statement that under no circumstances would Iran agree to destroy any of its centrifuges.