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/ Oct 6, 2006

Warrior Charge, Dry & Heavy and icchie

'The most talented producers in Britain. . . . the Sly and Robbie of 2006" is how rapper Tricky has described the rhythm unit of Perry Mellus and Wayne Nunes, better known as Warrior Charge. In addition to collaborations with Tricky, the pair, who perform ...

Beat is back

Oct 6, 2006

Beat is back

Spawned by the energy of punk, a new crowd of British bands known collectively as the ska revival, or the two-tone movement, emerged in the late 1970s around the Midlands area. Unlike the mainly white punk groups, bands such as The Specials, The Selecter ...

Accolades for Afrobeat originator

Sep 22, 2006

Accolades for Afrobeat originator

Producer Brian Eno has been variously quoted as saying Nigerian drummer and songwriter Tony Allen is "the most important musician," or "the best drummer" of the last 50 years. Whatever Eno actually said there is no doubt of the high regard Allen is held ...

Deejay U-Roy's still-righteous chat

Jul 7, 2006

Deejay U-Roy's still-righteous chat

"Wake the town and tell the people" rings the trademark battle cry of Jamaican deejay extraordinaire U-Roy, who plays three live dates in Japan this weekend. When the 63-year-old started out as a "DJ" in the early 1960s, he used to play his own records, ...

Man from Wareika returns

May 5, 2006

Man from Wareika returns

During a break in a Tokyo recording session, Rico Rodriguez puts down his trombone to lark around on the roof with the teenage members of Oreskaband, the all-girl ska band he's been working with. That, at 72 years old, he is now old enough ...

/ Apr 14, 2006

Spank Rock "YoYoYoYoYo" (Big Dada/Beat Records)

If Spank Rock sound like a bunch of college kids clowning around, that's probably not so far off the mark. Until just a few years ago, that's exactly what they were. But while injecting hip-hop with a much-needed dose of humor, on their debut ...

/ Mar 24, 2006

Nightmares on Wax "In a Space Outta Sound"

Hip-hop has made an art out of delving into the past to render something relevant for the present. It's a tradition George Evelyn of Nightmares On Wax is well versed in, but on his latest album, the sampler vies for action alongside more live ...

New chief puts paradise on map

Dec 18, 2005

New chief puts paradise on map

Many dream of traveling the world and setting themselves up in a tropical paradise, but very few people make it happen. Even fewer get themselves appointed village chief of a remote Melanesian island in the process. But that's exactly what has happened to entrepreneur ...

Adrian Sherwood: 'On-U Sound Crash'

/ Jun 5, 2005

Adrian Sherwood: "On-U Sound Crash"

The recent On-U Sound reissue program through Japan's Beat Records has been a kind of heaven for longtime followers of the London dub/reggae label. For newcomers bewildered by the stream of titles, a new megamix "On-U Sound Crash," by the label's founder and producer, ...