Jean-paul Fitoussi

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Commentary / World Mar 3, 2008

Keynes and the end of economic history

PARIS — Some academic works, for reasons that are at least partly obscure, leave a persistent trace in intellectual history. Such is the case with John Maynard Keynes' paper "Economic Possibilities for our Grandchildren." The importance of Keynes' paper consisted not so much in how ...

Commentary / World Dec 8, 2006

Phelps' cornucopia of economic tools

PARIS -- The winner of this year's Nobel Prize in economics, Edmund Phelps, is a giant in the field. His contributions have been, and remain, so important that they have altered traditional ways of thinking. According to the social science citations index, he ranks well ...

Commentary / World Nov 3, 2006

Overcoming the finiteness of our world

PARIS -- No economy is a closed, autonomous universe, governed by rules independent from law, morals and politics. Indeed, the most interesting economic questions generally border neighboring disciplines. But nowhere is this clearer than in the interaction between economic processes and the natural environment. The ...