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Jason Jenkins spent 13 years in Tokyo writing about music, cameras, parenting and contemporary art. In his spare time, he and his children searched the city for new places to learn and play. His family is now traveling while they experiment with homeschooling and working remotely. Jason writes about their trip at

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Mar 20, 2008

Kiyosumi gallery complex

Wedged between a park, a cement factory and a taxi station, the Kiyosumi gallery complex is Tokyo's largest, both in space and influence. Its perch atop a warehouse is arguably ideal for observing the directions contemporary art takes in Japan. Yet, despite so many ...

Mar 6, 2008

39art Day

Taking place internationally on March 9 Mark it on your calendars, folks. The ninth day of the third month of the year is "Thank You Art" day. Artist Yoshiaki Kaihatsu started "39art Day" ( eight years ago to encourage people to consider the place ...

Pursuing the flavor of the American South

| Feb 22, 2008

Pursuing the flavor of the American South

For many North Americans in Japan, a case of gastronomic homesickness can easily be remedied at the nearest burger or pizza joint. But for someone craving the cuisine of the American South, the local Kentucky Fried Chicken will never, ever do. Southern cooking is ...

Feb 7, 2008

"Wako Works of Art: 15 Years/Part III"

Wako Works of Art, Shinjuku, Tokyo Closes Feb. 26 The Wako Gallery ( continues its 15th anniversary celebration with three approaches to photography. Christopher Williams' glossy prints of a polished Velosolex, the French motor-driven bicycle, seem plucked from a brochure, their commentary on obsolescence obscured ...

The art of the party at Fuji Rock

Jul 6, 2006

The art of the party at Fuji Rock

No one denies the power of danger and vice to push boundaries, and whether we admit it or not, the two have a way of rattling some pretty inspired performances out of people. No surprise, then, that Fuji Rock Festival has been a breeding ...

Fuji Rocking 10 years on

Jun 15, 2006

Fuji Rocking 10 years on

Fuji Rock Festival is the biggest event on the calendar for many Japanese and foreign residents alike. Sure, it costs a stack of cash to go, but the festival is not your typical commercial venture. Word on the street is that it has been ...

Balancing melody with noise

Feb 17, 2006

Balancing melody with noise

Its inevitable: No matter how unique a band may be, someone will find a way to compare them to other bands. For San Francisco four-piece Deerhoof, parallels continue to be drawn to Japanese artists: Cibo Matto, The Boredoms and Yoko Ono. Deerhoof's main vocalist, ...

M.I.A. terrorizes the dancefloor

Feb 3, 2006

M.I.A. terrorizes the dancefloor

Maya Arulpragasam sighs into the phone. I've asked her if journalists have accurately depicted her life story, and she seems tired of the question. "My story?" she asks. "Which one? There are so many." Arulpragasam has been called many things in her short career: ...

The lights, guitars, action of Go! Team

Jul 17, 2005

The lights, guitars, action of Go! Team

Film commonly relies on music to add emotional impact. However, with The Go! Team, who hail from Brighton, England, it works the other way around. Early singles were flush with action and near-cinematic thrills, all guitar squalls and percussive thrust, with soaring horn lines ...

/ Jun 26, 2005

Art Brut: "Bang Bang Rock & Roll"

Vocalist Eddie Argos can't sing. His band, Art Brut, prove more tuneful, but none of this matters on "Bang Bang Rock & Roll,' the London quintet's fantastic debut album. Instead of singing, Argos simply raises his voice, rambling with the articulate, impulse-driven zeal of ...