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Ginza satellite stores offer hometown tastes

National Jan 13, 2012

Ginza satellite stores offer hometown tastes

Known for its high-end boutiques and brand-name stores, Tokyo's Ginza district is also home to more than a dozen shops promoting delicacies and cultural products unique to various prefectures. In a half-day spent exploring these "furusato" (hometown) antenna shops, one can experience a wide variety ...

H.K. nuke fears abate; Japanese food is back

National Nov 2, 2011

H.K. nuke fears abate; Japanese food is back

After deserting their favorite Japanese restaurants for several months when the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear accident started in March, Hong Kong people have gradually rekindled their special love for Japanese food. From high-end sushi bars to casual ramen shops, some 700 Japanese restaurants dot the ...

Business Oct 17, 2009

Markets mostly untroubled by DPJ's uncertain start

Over the past month since Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama assumed office, a controversial plan for a moratorium on debt repayments by small companies has hurt financial shares and uncertainty regarding the capacity of the new government has weighed on the stock market. But while remarks ...

Business Jun 13, 2009

Road to full recovery likely bumpy

Investors may have breathed a sigh of relief as the Nikkei stock index recovered briefly to the 10,000 line Thursday for the first time since the global financial crisis sparked a plunge last October, reflecting strong optimism that the worst of the recession is ...

U.S. wants Japan to step up, Aso or no

National Feb 19, 2009

U.S. wants Japan to step up, Aso or no

The United States is going to great lengths to tout Japan as its key partner in addressing the financial crisis and other global issues, not only sending Hillary Rodham Clinton to Tokyo on her overseas debut as secretary of state but also inviting Prime ...

Clinton arrives in Japan ready to engage Asia

National Feb 17, 2009

Clinton arrives in Japan ready to engage Asia

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton arrived Monday evening in Tokyo, kicking off her first overseas visit as the top U.S. diplomat and demonstrating a new commitment by Washington to engage more closely with Asian partners on global issues. "I have come to Asia as ...

National Feb 13, 2009

Improving ties mutually beneficial for Tokyo, Seoul

Japan's relations with South Korea, which were in terrible shape just a few years ago, are steadfastly becoming more "future-oriented" and "mature," as the two neighbors have begun to recognize common interests in boosting their global presence and securing their alliances with the new ...

National Jan 3, 2009

New U.S. administration, old Asian rivalries to dominate diplomacy

Japan's "rather rosy" start in 2008, as a senior Foreign Ministry official described it recently, with all the back-patting over commitments to climate change and African development reached at key summits hosted by the nation, soon faded in the face of domestic political chaos ...

National | ANALYSIS Oct 13, 2008

U.S. delisting puts Japanese diplomacy to the test

With North Korea being removed from the U.S. list of state sponsors of terrorism, Japan will be forced to be more proactive in trying to resolve the emotional abduction dispute. Tokyo can no longer depend on its closest ally and faces raised hurdles in pressing ...

National Sep 28, 2008

Domestic woes to hogtie Aso on diplomacy

Like his predecessor, new Prime Minister Taro Aso has inherited a ruling party whose hands are tied by domestic woes and a divided Diet paralyzed by political deadlock. The government's key diplomatic tasks also remain unchanged: to win the opposition's support for extending the Maritime ...