Pyongyang uses live bait to lure Washington

Commentary / World Oct 24, 2014

Pyongyang uses live bait to lure Washington

For new talks to succeed with North Korea, the U.S. must expend more energy getting South Korea and Japan, barely on speaking terms, to get along, and end its policy of doing nothing while the North becomes more dangerous.

Commentary / Japan Mar 14, 2014

Japan should make disaster the mother of invention

In the decades since World War II ended, Japan has repeatedly demonstrated its technological genius. So why does it treat the 3-year-old Fukushima nuclear tragedy as a farce by pushing to reopen many of its 48 commercial reactors instead of driving to achieve sustainable ...

Commentary / Japan Nov 30, 2013

Obama sends two old B-52s and a message to China

The U.S. decision to show support for Japan by flying two B-52s through China's claimed "air defense identification zone," which includes the disputed Senkaku/Diaoyu Islands, is a blunt reminder that Northeast Asia remains the world's most combustible geopolitical hot spot.

Reader Mail Dec 23, 2007

Sinister nationalism holds sway

In the Dec. 18 letter, "Skaters should highlight Japan," Nozomi Mizuno bemoans an apparent lack of patriotism exhibited by Japanese figure skaters. That Japanese either lack or do not vociferously enough express patriotism in comparison to foreigners is a widely held opinion in Japan. ...

Reader Mail Oct 28, 2007

Does decency go beyond the pale?

Debito Arudou's bruising critique of the government's "Public Survey on the Defense of Human Rights" (Oct. 23 Zeit Gist article, "Human rights survey stinks") leaves one question unanswered: If 59.3 percent of respondents agreed that foreigners should have the same human rights protection as ...

Reader Mail Aug 26, 2007

An offer Americans can refuse

Is Hiroaki Sato asking that I give up the gun that saved me from an attack by a knife-wielding robber several years ago? Is he asking my neighbor's wife to give up the gun that stopped an attempted rape in 1997? Is he asking ...

Reader Mail Aug 26, 2007

The quest for U.N. membership

On July 23, the U.N. Secretariat rejected Taiwan's application for U.N. membership. Four days later, U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki Moon said "the position of the United Nations is that the People's Republic of China (PRC) represents the whole of China as the sole ...

Reader Mail Jul 15, 2007

Lots of people share the blame

Of course, the A-bomb disasters could have been prevented! The U.S. government could have refused to order and pay for the development of the bomb. Those who made it could have refused to make it. Those who tested it could have refused. Those who ...