James A. Goldston

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/ Apr 10, 2012

European Court of Human Rights is a necessity

At a time when the ongoing European debt crisis is fracturing public faith in the continent's political and economic institutions, one would expect Europe's leaders to strengthen as many unifying symbols as they can. Instead, they have allowed one of the jewels of post-World War ...

/ Jul 12, 2009

Ethnic profiling threatens very ethos of EU

BRUSSELS — Several years ago, as terrorism, immigration, and unrest in suburban Paris were at the top of the news in France, a French police officer confided to a researcher: "If you consider different levels of trafficking, it is obviously done by blacks and ...

/ Jun 29, 2006

Judgment in Phnom Penh

PRAGUE -- Three decades after the Khmer Rouge killed a quarter of Cambodia's 7 million people, a court to try the most responsible surviving leaders is set to open its doors. Under an agreement between the United Nations and Cambodia's government, 13 foreign judges and ...